UCCE (Unified Contact Center Enterprise) Eğitimi

Ön Koşul

• Basic knowledge of networking (Windows A/D, SQL) and components (servers, routers, switch) is helpful but not required • Working knowledge of a Windows computer including a mouse and the simultaneous use of the Alt-Tab keys is required. • Working knowledge of Unified Communications Manager and Voice Gateways would be really helpful. • A basic understanding of contact center operations

Eğitim Hakkında

This 5 day instructor-led course is designed for system engineers and customers involved with the support of a UCCE solution deployed in a CVP comprehensive environment. This course describes the requirements, resources and tools needed to perform routine adds, moves and changes in the inbound/outbound UCCE environment.

Kimler İçindir?

  • Cisco Unified Communications system channel partners and resellers responsible for the Sales, Implementation or Support of a UCCE solution 
  • Day 1 and Day 2 support personnel responsible for the daily add/move/change of the UCCE environment 
  • Managers, team-leads, business liaison personnel or anyone who needs to be remotely involved in the UCCE solution and have a better overall understanding of its function.

Eğitimlerimize %80 oranında katılım gösterilmesi ve eğitim müfredatına göre uygulanacak sınav/projelerin başarıyla tamamlanması durumunda, eğitimin sonunda dijital ve QR kod destekli “BT Akademi Başarı Sertifikası” verilmektedir.

Eğitim İçeriği

Neden Bu Eğitimi Almalısınız ?

  • Identify the basic components and operations of the Unified CCE solution
  • Configure and script a basic UCCE CVP deployment
  • Perform the ICM configuration tasks required to support basic agent functionality
  • Build and test a basic ICM script utilizing microapps
  • Configure and script UCCE to support reporting requirements, precision queuing and RONA
  • Deploy the CVP VXML component in a Unified CCE solution successfully
  • Generate basic reports using Cisco Unified IC

Önemli Notlar

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